Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got nothing to update again. 
Such a failure. Oh , just let it be. I dont really wanna care.
Study week now. FML

Read some of the bloggers' blog.
Damn admire the way they live their life. Awesome + So happening.
Friends around me always think my life is so wonderful and happening but now is full of dullness & stress.
Damn hate study week. 
Redbull , Starbucks cant even help me. What can I drink to boost my energy up?

Back to my old routine life - Jogging. 
Take a deep breathe. Life is just so simple. 
I do not need to shout F*** neither in twitter nor facebook.
Why need complain so much? Live to the fullest laa.

Current status is - Being friendly to others then I'll treated like the way I treat others. No harm.
FYI , I learnt a mistake from the past whc is I swear to myself that I'll not let any other guys to influence or ruin my friendship between gals unless yourself wanna do so.
Honestly , there is a girl did that. I'm speechless but I wanna remind her one thing is 
If the thing is belongs to you , no matter how long it takes , it still will come back to you.
Cant get it? That's your own matter.

Dont try on my patience. I aint that good temper all the time.
 I might wanna release myself for certain time too.
Say bye to clubs , heylo to books.
This is not so Paris but I gonna make a change in order to get good result for this sem.
Wish me luck , Wish me be energetic the whole study week and during exam.

19th first paper :)
date me for Sushi Bonanza plssss between 24 -26.
I'm freeee.
Alright time to continue study , later 10am gonna interview candidates who applied from manager position!
Prepare well.