Sunday, May 15, 2011

So sick so sick so sick so sick so sick!
Came back from Penang is been a while and yet I'm still jobless.

Feel damn useless but what to do? Who or which company wanna hire me?
26th going to kl till July only come back to my turtle island. 
My working hours shorter than the leave I wanna take.LOL

Luckily mom & dad are okay but neighbours are the one who pushed me go to find job. 
Please lahhh! I started my working life since form3 , never stopped till I entered university. 
I need a break too. Fresh air comes to me plss.

How do readers define h-o-l-i-d-a-y-s ?
My holidays equiped with HEALTH! Yoga , Gym & Jogging.
Couldn't miss out any of it in holidays. I know this is good for my health and I dont wanna be a lazy lady in this world. Not my style. Needless to say , if you're my friend , you know me well :)

Oh yeah! Try to scroll up. That's a pic of me up there. 
Taken by Redang boss when I went to visit the so-called car/motorbike/viva show.
He thought I'm model? He kept asking me to take photo with mini cooper and even asked me to sit in his own mini cooper. HAHA. Of course he did what guys usually do. Ask for email address next!
I told him many times my name is Paris. Ended up he sent to me those photos by tagging Racheal Tan.
Dang ><. Anyways , a thank for him too :)

Till the world ends - Britney Spears before heading for lunch. Chill people!