Friday, February 11, 2011

2 moviesss in 2 days! Awesome man! 
In such hectic week , tonnes of assignments waiting me to settle.
 I should've pampered myself with something great for my body! So , movie ON.

I love Hong Kong & What Woman Wants never failed to make me laugh.
 Watching movie with a bunch of friends makes me feel warm. :)

2 moviess in 2 dayss N also 2 presents in 1 day.
Am I lucky? I consider myself as the most 'hang fuk' girl in the world. :)

 Received this from a friend from Aman Damai Hostel. Thanks for giving me this.

 And this. Finally I received it from my superb idol , Jhu.
I ordered this before Chinese New Year and now I got it.
Ooopssss.. Theres a lil eiffel tower on the left but it has been covered.
I love this phone cozy damn much. Try to click Paris and see mine on Jhu's blogspot
Wanna order such awesome and creative phone cozy?
Visit Jhu's

Just now I've filtered my friend list and I did delete some of them. 
No offense but I just dont want annoymous to appear on my wall.
I delete them not because they're my enemies but I really dunno them. HAHA.
We're young adolescent , should have known what we supposed to do or not to do.
What are you going to do , talk , act ...
What have you done , talked , acted
Shows ur maturity. If people critize you , accept it with ur heart.
They're purposely to do so but in a better way to make you to be a great person.

My friend asked me : What if they're BITCH ?
p/s : my bestie , I called them as Biatch not BITCH.
I honestly told my friend that there are many BITCHES
 even you've done your part well and din step on their tails!
They never get tired of using their mouth or words to hurt u or let u down.
Since they like to do so much , I told my friend that I also never get tired to make myself to be a great person!
I wanna prove to them that they're wrong and people will change!
I do not need to talk much that I have become how but action speaks.
Why I suddenly said so , because I can see they're still stucked in the circle whc is no exit for their mindset!
If you've time to make yourself look pretty , why dont you spend some time to update your mind? :)

Alright , is 12 Feb 2010. 2 more days will be Valentine Day.
Sour , Sweet , Bitter , Spicy couples , have you all prepared the present for your beloved?
I didnt prepare bcoz I'm going to spend this day with assignments :S
He'll be in Singapore. Hope he enjoy his trip well.