Saturday, January 8, 2011

familiar with this photo?
This is my current profile picture in Facebook.

If you look at this picture , whats your comment?
I was wondering why is everyone asking me that am I a model?
The answer is NO. I'm not but my partner in this photo Estevan Lee is a model.
*promoting him*
We're in the same French class for this sem!
Enchantë :D

got my answer? Then stop asking me whether I'm model or not. 


Another photo below here depicts how I celebrate my Christmas Eve.
Zi Ying & Jing Wei's weddin @ Tropicana Golf Resort.


LC DAY! When I heard of LC DAY , my eyes open wider!
hooorayyyy! time to release stress and enclose the bond between members!
dont you feel awesome like I did? :D

24 of us just like tourists went aroound Penang. 
We LAUGH  , EAT , TAKE PHOTOS together!
this is what I want? I want more than this for LC USM!

Let's check out our photos. I 'stole' them from my biatch's album. 
I think she doesnt mind this. HAHA.

Our 1st station is Fort Cornwallis. Then we had our lunch at Little India street , visited temple , church and park. Our final station was in Queensbay. 

It only costs us RM2 for the entrance fee. Is worth if u bring along ur camera.
The scene inside is just nice.

I love this photo to the max. Me & my biatch Hong Q!
New profile picture in Facebook? 

 whos this fella? Hes Ben. Our tour guide. Thanks to him! 
He did research about the places before he came!
Will you do that? I bet hes the only guy will do that. :)


 I'm so hang fuk hugging these 2 ladies.
 Left : Lilian from Kenya ; Right : June from Japan

 another lovely biatch that I sayang the most : Yueh Lee.
Her new camera cant keep that low profile after providing us many high quality photos.

 shes biatch?! of ocurse shes my biatch! Seokwei!
 Another pro photographer who always bully me then act innocent! Aha.

 Since Jessica Loi wasnt thr , then this photo is purposely dedicated to her!
Her signature! 

 this lil girl?! I''m sorry. Shes my senior. Not same course but ..
Echo Ham! cute? She has her own style. I likey.

 guess wats this? ROLLCALL from Uganda!
thanks to faci Frank Muthusi :D

Lilian & Paris :D
Lilian very friendly. wanna go shopping? call her out :P

To view more photos , please click awesome LC day

Tomorrow is 9th Jan 2010.
 I wish every candidates ( includin myself ) who run for the LCVP and LCP good luck!