Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mornin readers! is me again
I love blogging in de mornin! dunno why :/
oh ya , study week is coming soon.
I think everyone is studying very hard right now! : )

Finals is around the corner & this sem going to end soon!
Semester 2 im coming!

Last Tuesday had a lunch with our LSP300 - band4 class lecture

He told us lotsa of his experiences and everythin happened around him!
Christmas , China students , His daughther....
was fun to hear all that from him! He's a very friendly & enthusiatic lecture!


Next , is our outing day!! didnt take much photos!
so heres only ONE.
Picture of the day :


when u get along with her , you'll noe that she's super craziiee n funnniiieee :D


Last night , I skipped my sociology class again and also a Exchange talk.
I know I should not miss the last class but my eyes really in pain when I was still my friend's room! arghhhh!

get a lil present from Miss Wan Wei..
wanna noe whos she?
please continue readin.

a pair of blue flower earrings*thanks wan wei, yippiee*

dang dang dang!!! Miss Wan Wei
Someone who always ON if i call her out from dinner! thanks for your company! heart u!

Fashion Show which held by School of Art

Miss Wan Wei was the owner of 'STARBUGS' *shes super creative*

from the picha , you can see how much effort that she put on this !
I cant find any suitable words to describe her!
she's amazing! :)