Thursday, August 25, 2011

One more hour then I need to off to work!
Arghhh! I guess this few days gonna work overtime :/

Hari Raya is coming soon! Drivers , please pay full attention when driving on the road no matter where the destination you heading!
Be careful , be a smart driver.

Not to waste any time , yesterday was a great day to have small trip with ma bestie , Chia Sing!
We planned last week to have this trip just to watch 2 movies.
Aha, It works!

#1. The Rise of The Planet of Apes.
#2. Final Destination 5  [3D]

Lunch @ Roti Boy due to lack of time before movies start!
 Hers :)
Mine :)

After 2 movies , rushed back to town for dinner!
Chose a pair of right shoes for my best fren. Hopes she likes it.

Not-to-forget , for all the ladies there who read this ,
Burberry now is giving away free sample of woman fragrance.
How to get it free?
Click here to SMELL IT 

4 more days , I'll get my free TuneTalk Sim!
Awesome right?
Free things are everywhere if your eyes are sharp to grab it.
And thanks my friends who always gave me the link of free things. LOL


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