Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How are you today?
Honestly speaking I'm tired.

Currently I'm handling 3 part-time jobs. They aren't hard to handle but my right eye is just not comfortable.
maybe have some infections. 
Before getting these 3 part-time jobs , I personally think I wont get any job because I only have 1 month holiday.
Who wanna hire me?

But I was wrong , shouldn't have such thought. Opportunity is always there , if you willing to step out , knock the door , the chance is yours. Now do you believe me?
Don't get discouraged. 
Like Robert H.Schuller said : Everyday somebody retires , or quits because he is fed up with his job. Amd every week people decide to pack up and move to other places , leaving a job behind. So everyday , every week and every month there are brand new job openings where there weren't any before. The person who knocks at the door , telephones , dates , and plays the field is the person who is going to get that job.

I agreed. Totally yes! 
Now you've no reason to say I'm big spender because I know how to spend and yet at the same time I know how to earn money. That's the main point. 

Another favorite of mine. 

One more not-to-forget principle in your life.
Do not blame.
This is the path you've chosen in your life and you should keep going. 
There is another bright future waiting you to reach.
Turn the stumbling block into stepping stone.

I used to complain a lot to my daddy after I back from working since form3. One day he suddenly asked me to stop complaining. He said you should be happy because now you face the reality and next time you know the right way to handle fussy customers. He's right. 
If you never dare to step out from comfort zone , you'll never learn. 

Last but not the least , I would like to thank my friends. They said my blog is inspiring them. 
I do not know which part I've inspired them but glad to hear that. =)


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