Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The feeling is complicated.

Going back to uni life in 2 days time.
Before buying ticket , I was still missing home and I refused to leave my home.
Now , I feel like flying back to my uni and stay in into my new hostel , dump everything at home!

A friend of mine saw my status and photos N she said to me : I jealous of your life.
What did I reply to her? 
"No , don't jealous me, Everyone has their unique way to live their life. Just that you haven't seen my worst situation and you don't know the story happened behind these all happy moments I captured down." 

Trust me , every home has their own difficulties to deal with and I didn't miss this part in my life.
Sometimes you've relatives who are way capable than your family is , you feel stressed.
They just keep comparing non stop till they think they win the whole world.
Only silence and fake smile to cover all.

Tell myself not to give up - reminder of everyday.
I don't know when will I collapse after acting so strong as always in front of others.

Don't say me emo or not happy , if without emo and not happy ,
How do I know or feel again I'm happy?

I'm not so strong like you think I'm.


signing off,

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